We have tarps & accessories for your transportation/industrial needs

Our tarps are custom made utilizing top quality materials at our Houston-area facility. We implement numerous quality assurance measures to deliver a product we stand behind.

We keep a variety of tarp sizes and type in stock as well as create custom tarps to meet your transportation and industrial needs.

Dump Truck

Front-to-Rear Tarp
Side-to-Side Tarp
Lumber Tarp: Two-Piece or Three-Piece

Trailer Tarps & Materials

12 oz Vinyl, MultiMesh
18 oz Vinyl, MultiMesh
22 oz Vinyl, MultiMesh


Roll-Off Tarp
Auto Tarp
Compactor Tarp
Flat Tarp
Trash Tarp
Intermodal Tarp


Bungee Straps
Patch kit with vinyl and HH66 Glue
Tarp straps
Tarp Stops
Repair Tape
Bows & Bow Holders
Crank Handles
Roll Pipe
Fixed Pipe